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Why e-tailers are switching from websites to mobile applications?

A lot of e-commerce stores are shifting their focus from websites to mobile applications despite of having heavy sales on their website. This is strange, isn’t it? Well, let’s understand the reason for this shift.

The user interface and the flow of a mobile application is definitely better in terms of smoothness as compared to a mobile website. The sales of smartphones and tablets is outdoing the sales of laptops and desktops. More and more users are shifting their internet usage from laptops to mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, in order to provide a seamless shopping experience, a lot of e-tail giants are shutting down their websites and moving over to mobile applications.

Another reason for this shift is that mobile applications form a part of the home-screen of most of the smartphones and tablets. E-tail giants want to have their presence on the home-screen of such smartphones and tablets and make their icon more prominent rather than users opening the same on their browsers. Everytime a user uses his mobile phone, the applications show up. This increase the chances of users opening the applications and making purchases.

Applications are also accessible on the move unlike desktops and laptops. Therefore, mobile applications are expected to be higher revenue generators for all major online sellers which is why they are shifting from websites to mobile applications.

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