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Web development is a task that requires skill and expertise. If you need a website built right, especially a heavy site with flash and complex coding, you need to use people of the strictest professional caliber. A well designed and error free site is absolutely essential if you need to make a good impression on your clients. One single bug can put off your customer and make sure that they never come back.

Knowing all that, can you rely on web developers from a foreign country like India?
Yes and no.

It’s true that there are a lot of poor performers out there in India that deliver sub-par websites with bad coding and bugs along with atrocious spellings and horrible grammar. They’re typically the guys who flood your inbox with spam like ‘Best SEO and Web Development Services’. All you have to do to avoid those guys is exercise proper precautions before hiring somebody. The rules are the same whether you’re hiring in the US or hiring in India. There are good and bad developers in both countries and you need to take a look at the developer’s previous work in order to really judge them well.

There was a time when web development in India was at a nascent stage and there were few people in the Indian market that actually knew what they were doing. That was the scenario till a few years ago. Since then there has been a lot of change in the Indian market as people over there have started to realize that lower costs aren’t enough to keep their western clients interested.
There are quite a few firms in India now, which employ skilled professionals with a verified body of work that deliver great looking desktop and mobile sites and are still a fraction of the cost of a US firm. All you need to do is verify the firms authenticity before hiring them.

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