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Top 5 Startups of the Week


Entrepreneurs and innovators are the engines of growth in the 21st century. While most people tread along the beaten path, these individuals create new business models that create new job opportunities and generate value for society. Here is a look at some interesting web based startups

AddShoppers Social media is a great platform for businesses to promote themselves but not many people understand how it works. It is very difficult to say why some content is more popular and goes viral while other content is unshared and ignored. The AddShoppers team works on this very problem and helps its clients determine the factors responsible for content being liked and shared by the audience.

Brand Yourself This particular concern is an online reputation management service solely for personal users. It is particularly useful for people with common names who need to look good when they are searched for on the internet. The startup was founded by college students and has already been featured by the wall street journal.

Getaround This company offers a new way of transportation, utilizing privately owned vehicles that are lying idle for most of the day. The company connects people in need of a car to car owners who are not using their vehicles for most of the day. It thereby created a cost effective means of transportation and also generates income for car owners.

Ivee Ivee is a company that seeks to step into the world of internet of all things. It creates ingenious hardware products that seamlessly integrate with other household devices such as online thermostats and security systems. Its main strength are its voice activated products that are extremely easy to control.

MobileXlabs This is a company that helps small businesses get online by helping them develop applications and other content. The company allows a person with no coding experience to create an app themselves in a short time. This is a vital service for many small business owners who may get confused by the world of mobile apps.

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