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Today in the internet age we are all present on the web. Whether it is individuals on Social Media or organizations with their websites, we all utilize the internet to make our existence known. However, most of us don’t realize the true potential of the tools in our hands. The internet has a capacity to be exceedingly beautiful while remaining firmly functional and user friendly. It is up to web developers to unlock this latent potential. Keeping that in mind, let’s go over some of the best designed websites that the internet has to offer. – This is a great example of a very sleek, understated and elegant design, much like their cars. Besides looking great, the site is very easy to navigate, giving you easy access to the different vehicle models on offer as well as other information such as dealer locators. – Another great website that is a lot more colourful and expansive than Maserati. It has a youthful and vibrant feel to it while still remaining functional and conveys the company’s message clearly to the visitor. – This is a highly interactive and engaging website with multimedia content designed for the promotion of a movie about the assassination of John F Kennedy. The site is a real treat for the eyes and a pleasure to browse. – Wrangler’s European site is excellently designed and easy to navigate. A near perfect example for fashion websites. – The website is a showcase for a wed designer Michael Schmid. It utilises appealing images and has a linear navigation method. There is no scrolling down or up. Just simple , easy to see links to get you to where you want to go.

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