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Top 5 Payment Gateways

There are many aspects to an e-commerce business such as – The usability and presentation of the site, the service quality, logistics management etc. One of the most important parts of an e-commerce venture is the payment gateway. Without it there would be no processing of financial transactions, no transfer of money. Not only does a payment gateway successfully process your transaction, it also needs to do so securely, without your financial information being stolen on the internet. So which are the top payment gateways of the world? Let’s take a look:

Paypal – One of the most widely used gateways in the world. Paypal’s great spread across countries allows users to request and transfer payments globally. It comes with a host of features that integrate well with e-commerce sites and is considered a secure and trusted service provider.

Google Wallet – A very convenient way of conducting transactions. Google wallet allows you to store your credit/debit/atm cards on your mobile device and carry out transactions by swiping your device at special points at check out counters. A unique and innovative way of simplifying transactions. This service is available only in the US and is considered safe and secure.

Stripe – An innovative gateway that aims to simplify the online payment process. Stripe integrates seamlessly with e-commerce sites and allows the customer to make payments in one easy step.

Dwola – This is a very cost effective option for small businesses. Dwola is a secure payment gateway with no monthly fees and no charges for transactions under 10$.

Amazon Payments – Another popular and reliable payment gateway, Amazon is easy to use and very convenient.

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