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Start a Youtube video from a specific time

We’re all very familiar with Youtube. It’s undoubtedly the most popular video streaming site available over the internet. Inspite of using Youtube on a daily basis, I’m sure you’ve missed out on an extremely exciting trick that I’m just going to share with you.

What if you want to share only a certain portion of a Youtube video with a user or embed that on your own website. Can you think of a way? I’m sure not! There’s no official way to do this but there’s a handy hack to send a link or embed a certain portion of a Youtube video on your website. Here’s how it works:

Let’s consider we have a youtube URL:

In order to start the video from say 1 minute 10 seconds, all we need to do is add #t=01m10s at the end of the link. So this is what the link would look like:

Now lets go ahead and embed a portion of a Youtube video. The process is similar. All we need to do is add #t=01m10s to the embed code. So here’s our embed code for the video:

After adding the code in the end, here’s how the embed code would look like:

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