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Any successful Online store needs to employ a variety of marketing strategies to attract new customers and to retain old ones. One of the popular strategies utilized by businesses is Gamification. So what is

Gamification. Here’s a dictionary type definition I found on the internet- “Gamification is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.” In other words, Gamification is the idea that you can turn non- gaming activities such as purchasing clothing, into a game thereby making it a lot more interesting and fun for the customer. For example many airlines have a frequent flier programs that grant passengers reward points for every hour that they fly with the airline. Not only can the reward points be redeemed for flight discounts but accumulation of a certain number of points gives passengers special priority status that comes with its own perks. This is similar to how a person is awarded a gold medal after finishing first in a race or how a person unlocks achievements in a video game.

So this strategy makes the buying process a lot more interesting, fun and maybe even addictive. Let’s look at a few applications on Shopify that will help you use this strategy to your advantage.

Sweet Tooth Loyalty – This is a shopify application that is completely free to use. Like most free Apps it is light, fast and easy to use. The down side is that there are no additional features like loyalty points leader boards, achievements etc. It is just a simple app that awards points to customers for purchases and mails them their coupons which can be used to make further purchases.

Collect – A much more comprehensive loyalty application. Collect allows the store owner to gather analytical data about their customers and generate customised offers for particular customers. Not free but worth the monthly charge.

Io – This application is a complete gamification package, with data collection, specialised offers as well as leader boards to drive competition amongst customers. A comprehensive solution for a total gamification.

S Loyalty – Another Loyalty application designed for Shopify that has a variety of Loyalty programs. Although it does not have the same flexibility of it is still a very useful software and is also priced moderately.

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