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Inventory management is a vital tool for all retail businesses. It is a major part of the operations of a retail firm without which it would not be possible for the firm to serve its customers. It is very important to have just the right amount of inventory in stock. Too little and you may end up with stock outs. Too much would create unnecessary expensive overheads and, in case of perishable items, wastage.

There are many inventory management tools available online. Some of them are part of ERP and CRM packages while others are stand alone products. Let’s take a look at a few of these options.

Openbravo – Openbravo is not just an inventory management tool but a complete ERP solution that includes POS systems, supply chain management etc. It is a versatile tool that is easy to use and easy to learn through its training modes. A complete retail solution for medium to large retailers.

Brightpearl – Brightpearl is a retail management solution that includes inventory management along with accounting, supply management, distribution, analytics and more. Useful for retailers with multiple channels of supply and distribution.

Carta – Carta is relatively simple software aimed at smaller and new retail stores. It has a user friendly design and gives you all the necessary features of a retail management system, including inventory management, order tracking, supply management etc. However it does lack additional features like multi-currency compatibility or advanced accounting abilities like part payments to name a few. A perfect starting pack for new retailers.

Vtiger – Vtiger is a CRM system that offers advanced inventory management, order tracking and other pre sales and post sales features. There is an emphasis on marketing here, with tools like email marketing and personalized portals for customers. A good tool for overall inventory management and marketing for small to medium sized retailers.

ABC Inventory – If are on a really tight budget and don’t want to spend a dime on any ERP or CRM systems ABC is the solution for you. It is a simple standalone tool for inventory management. It is not a web based solution but needs to be downloaded and installed after which it will turn your computer into an inventory management tool. It performs all basic tasks required for inventory management and is easy to use. It is bereft of any additional features but is perfect to for the needs of new entrepreneurs.

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