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Making money from YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet today and it has revolutionized the way we entertain ourselves today. Being the world’s premier video sharing website, there are a lot of individuals who are uploading videos on YouTube and have gradually built a name for themselves. These popular uploaders have also successfully been able to monetize the site and have turned it into a major source of revenue, mostly through advertising.

You need to do to make money through YouTube? Here are the broad steps that you need to take-

Set up a YouTube account. If you have a Google account, you already have a YouTube account as well. If not, signing up is as simple as signing up for a Google or Gmail account.

Content Creation – You have to decide on the category of videos you want to upload and the audience you want to target. For example you could have comedic videos that entertain people and make them laugh or you could have a travel video where you post videos about your travels around the world. You need to ensure that the videos are professional looking and good quality. This will only happen if you use a professional camera, sound and lighting equipment. The quality of your videos will also go up with time as practice makes perfect.

Account upkeep – Make sure to post videos regularly. Most Youtubers post content on a weekly schedule. Attach a good number of appropriate and searchable keywords for your video.

Account promotion – Don’t forget to actively share your videos via all social networks. Another good way to promote your video channel is to have an accompanying blog where you post similar content in the form of written articles and also post your YouTube videos. You must also take the time to interact with your subscribers and perhaps ask them for suggestions on how to improve your videos. Acknowledging their ideas and using them in a video will help the audience feel more involved with your channel.

Monetising – Once there are a sufficient number of users on your channel you can monetize your channel by setting up an adsense account with Google which will enable advertisements on your channel and display those advertisements whenever your videos are played. You will need an existing Paypal account in order to do this.

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