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Social Media and Content Marketing

Moving your business online will always require the strong backing of a robust content marketing plan and an equally resolute social media strategy. At Built by Blank, we understand what it takes to get your brand at the very front of the billions of people frequenting the internet. Our experience has taught us to respect the unstoppable power that is social media. Combining social media with a strong content marketing base will help you attract and feed the follower base that you can easily convert into clients and customers.

Content Sells

The internet is full of content. To be visible, you will need to create unique and competitive content that towers over what is already in existence. You will have to put some work into marketing your content through a couple of channels. You will need a way to let the online fraternity that you have new amazing content that they will definitely be interested in.

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing that valuable and relevant content consistently with the sole purpose of attracting and retaining a specific audience that you can eventually cajole into taking a profitable action.

Our content marketing campaigns will revolve about:

• Search engine optimization
• PR strategies to help interact with anyone who comments or acts on the content
• PPC campaigns and marketing
• Content specific inbound marketing
• Content strategy

With more and more of the online audience going through social media, SEO and online marketing experts have resorted to leveraging different social media platforms to get the traffic they need. At Built by Blank, we have perfected the art of social media marketing, the art of sharing and creating some hype around your interesting content.

A social media campaign comes after content marketing. You will only succeed if you have interesting and sharable content. You will have to prove to your followers that you can answer their questions or fill a specific need, be it the need for entertainment or for advice. This is why we at Built by Blank have come up with a resolute content and social media marketing plan that creates a perfect balance between your content and social media marketing.

Get in touch with our customer care desk today for a social media and content marketing quote today. Our professionals will help you choose the right plan for you and guide you through all the planning, implementation and analysis. Your journey to online success begins here.

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