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Friction hinders consumer experience and is the main reason for high bounce rates and reduced conversions. It frustrates consumers to the point that they abandon the task without reaching the goal. It goes without saying that reducing friction is indispensable despite the size of the website or application you are creating. Definitely, it is every businesses delight to see users interacting with their products without experiencing interactions and cleaning up the interface to reduce friction is a major step towards this feat.

At Built by Blank, we recognize the impact that friction has on your business and we’ll help you create patterns and prototypes that will counter it. Friction can be slowly loading pages, malfunctioned payment system integrations, poor navigation, or too many actions needed to complete a simple task. A new trend in UX design has seen many apps use touch-preview features and gestures to reduce friction significantly. Your application or website should be no different.

The ever increasing competition in the technology world means that friction could be the main reason potential clients are fleeing your site to your competitor’s site. When you reach such a stage, the design strategists at Built by Blank are your most viable option for redesigning the entire interface removing inconsistencies and unnecessary actions in the process. We also get rid of confusion and create calls to action that users identify with.

Friction can occur as a result of poor designs or creating things like distracting visuals that don’t necessarily contribute to the collective functioning of the website. Even a single page with friction might prove to be costly as far as consumer satisfaction is concerned. The more tedious an action seems to be, the more users will tend to avoid it.

To avoid the dreadful effects of friction, we design our web apps and websites to be as frictionless as possible. Our designers keep the entire user journey in minds and pin point sections that need to be made simpler or those that can be implement in alternative ways including touch and gesture. Our ability to combine the quantitative and qualitative methods to find relevant metrics on user experience gives us a much deeper understanding of the users. This data enables us to remove any features, steps, or actions that have a negative impact on user experience.

We make sure that our client’s apps and websites serve their main purpose in the best way possible. There’s no point of bundling many features that increase the load time of websites but aren’t useful to your audience. We analyze every possible situation to eliminate similar constraints and leave your website light, interactive, and extremely useful.

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