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We live in an era where digitalization allows us to study the shopping trends of our consumers and even deliver to them personalized products and services that they are most likely to purchase. At Built by Blank, we help organizations to see the bigger picture as far as email marketing is concerned. We help you devise better, smarter, and more effective approaches to knowing the exact desires of your clients and create a clever emotional trigger that’ll stimulate them to make a first or recurring purchase.

Our expert team of email consultants program strategists, CRM, and Ecommerce specialists, and data analysts work hand in hand to collect consumer data and use to create a creative and effective marketing strategy for your business. Building an e-mail list alone isn’t sufficient to drive your business to higher levels. It is one step among many that are needed to build an actionable insight from the consumer data.

Built by Blank has for a long time exercised integral leadership by working with in-house digital marketers to create the missing link between email collection and making the sale. Our strategic solutions empower you to move from creating a simple newsletter to designing and implementing a copy that generates sales. We know that marketing strategies aren’t similar, they are curved out from the kind of audience you have and the products you are selling. We take our time to analyze the market, figure out the shopping trends, and create compelling copies from these activities.

A great and realistic marketing plan will not define the end goals, rather, it carefully maps the steps you’ll use to reach there. We create a detailed plan indicating everything you need to do to create awareness of new products, inform consumers of existing products and eventually make a sale. We take email marketing to a completely new level with well-though out ideas and professional mails.

Our strategy team conducts a strategic plan and analysis to help you identify the available opportunities and give a detailed report of the opportunities available. We then design creative e-mails that improve customer engagement and provide everything you’d need from a creative marketing agency. We do a combination of copywriting, e-mail design, and HTML coding to design high-converting mails.

Monetizing an e-mail marketing strategy isn’t easy, and that’s why we are available to help. We examine consumer data, and our experts create user-friendly dashboards that will give an insight into the analytics of the campaign. Our robust tracking mechanisms ensure that you get useful metrics that will boost your revenue.

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