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The mode of business operations has taken a drastic shift in the last 10 years with the advent of advances in technology, especially social media, and digital advertising. The impact of technology has been felt in all markets around the world and people who have invested in it are reaping positive results. With the digital marketing industry surpassing the 70 billion dollar mark, there’s still room for growth. By running a creative marketing campaign, you have opened the channel for your business to embrace new tactics and benefits from the positive effects they have to offer.

At Built by Blank, we understand the relevance of digital marketing to your business and know exactly what it takes to take advantage of it. If your business doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy, don’t just sit and watch the opportunity go away –contact our professionals. We create effective campaigns for all types of businesses and compile analytics that we use to develop marketing plans that will lead to improved conversion rates.

As professionals in campaign marketing, we love running our campaigns in accordance to the visions of your company. We understand how practical it is for you to delegate certain aspects of the company to professionals like use, but also know that you have a vision and mission that your company ought to follow. Therefore, we implement tools and strategies that provide more knowledge and insight in addition to setting up an effective campaign without losing track of the objectives of your business.

The first thing that we usually do before we commence the campaign is to ensure your website plays its role in converting leads. Our designers will analyze the website and create custom landing pages for each marketing campaign. Customized websites engage audiences more and have a higher conversion rate compared to generic ones. Consequently, we will re-design your website to suit the campaign that we intend to run.

Our professionals then choose an effective marketing campaign channel depending on the type of business you are running. We design a dashboards complete with up-to-date metrics showing the number of visitors on your website and the conversion rate. Our marketing team will analyze this data on a regular basis and inform our designers about areas that need improvements for increased conversions.

Working with Built by Blank in your bid to find new digital marketing campaign strategies provides real value to your business by increasing the number of sales. We take charge of the campaigns and monitor the results to keep your company always on the rise. Get in touch with our team for cutting edge campaign marketing that is essential for improving your sales.

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