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Best Travel Planning Apps

Planning a vacation isn’t an easy task. You need to keep track of your hotel bookings, flight timings, train tickets, car rentals and a host of other things in an unfamiliar town, maybe even a foreign country where they don’t speak the same language. You need a tool that will not only help keep track of your travel information but will also give you other useful information about places to see and nearby events to attend. An effective vacation planner makes your vacation hassle free and lets you derive the most from your vacation experience.

Keeping that in mind let’s take a look at some of the best vacation planning apps in the market.

TripIt – This is a popular holiday planner that combines all important bits of information about your trip and displays it in a central view from where you can easily access it. All you have to do is forward all your booking emails to the app and all your information will be organized and available on the app.

TripCase – A travel planning app that’s developed by Sabre, an established travel technology company. It is oriented towards business travelers and has won awards for its effectiveness and ease of use.

TouristEye – This is a unique travel app that you’re supposed to use before you’ve decided where to go. It helps you to build your trip by asking you to select a destination and then suggesting other waypoints and places of interest on your way to the destination. It helps you to build a better and much more wholesome travel experience.

TripAdvisor – The first and most prominent benefit of this app is that it is integrated with the TripAdvisor website. TripAdvisor is a well-known travel website with a large database of hotel and destination reviews and other information. The best source for information on any hotels or places you have not experienced before.

WorldMate – WorldMate is a business travel oriented app that can be quite useful for vacation planning as well. Not only does it organize your travel data effectively, it also issues reminders and alerts for travel timings, weather alerts, connecting flight alert etc. A real handy tool to have on your vacation.

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