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Technology has made our life easy. It has made everything simple and available at the touch of a button. It has made our life more convenient and made us all lazy. You often hear people complaining about technology and how it has ruined our life and is creating new lifestyle diseases and making us unhealthy. However technology can also help you to stay fit and active if you use it right. There are a number of applications you can download, that help you stay fit and active. Here are a few of them:

Digifit Icardio – This is a free application that combines with a heart rate monitor to give you accurate and useful information about your workout stats. It works for all kinds of cardio centric work outs-runs, bicycle rides, jogs etc. It records the time, distance covered, speed, heart rate etc and warns you when you’re going over the limit.

UP by Jawbone – This is a complete fitness tracker that not only gives you your workout statistics but also keeps track of your diet and your sleep. A well integrated fitness solution.

Endomondo Sports Tracker – This application uses the concept of social accountability to keep you motivated enough to work on your health. It records the details of your workouts and shares them with your friends on social networks. If you miss a work out, your friends are going to notice and if you hit a new personal record, your friends are going to notice that as well.

Jefit – For those looking for more than just fitness. Jefit is a complete exercise tool that has a whole library of exercises including strength training and cardio. It’s a great app for those getting into body building and overall fitness.

7 Minute workout – For those of us who find it very difficult to keep up with a strictly scheduled workout routine due to lack of time or motivation. The Seven Minute workout is exactly that. It takes only seven minutes, but those seven minutes are intense. Its great for beginners who need something small to start with and have little time.

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