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Any businessman worth his salt knows that it is far more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an old one. That’s why, quite often we find that the businesses that succeed, are the ones that treat their customers right so that they keep coming back to the business. Unfortunately not every business thinks that way and delayed responses to customer complaints are all too common. This is especially true for online businesses where customers are in different geographic locations and there is little to no personal interaction between customers and the company. One of the important tools that you need to overcome this gap is good customer service software. Lets look at some of the popular customer service tools out in the market. – Salesforce is a popular and established player in the market that provides cloud based customer services. The features of the product include case management and task management through which the Customer service team as well the customers, themselves can track their complaints and the case progress. Customers also have the ability to share their case experience through a social media plugin.

Team Support – This Company focuses on the client support team and enhances their efficiency by greatly streamlining their work process. For instance, the software automatically prioritizes customer complaints that seem urgent or haven’t been resolved for a while. There is also a knowledge tool that helps customers resolve simple issues on their own, which takes a lot of stress away from the support team. Another interesting feature is a common support team forum where issues can be discussed and resolved. A versatile tool for customer support teams.

Freshdesk Software – Another well designed software that specializes in providing multi channel customer support. Customer queries from all across different social media platforms are organized appropriately and a support team member is assigned to each complaint. It is a speedy and efficient solution to customer support needs and is also an affordable option.

Zendesk – A very popular customer service solution, that is known for its customizability and its user friendliness. It is very easy to install and can be easily integrated into most marketing and other applications on your web store.

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