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Advantages of using Mailchimp for Newsletters

In the internet age everybody is busy exploring new ways to communicate with each other and finding innovative solutions to problems. In our digitized society no area of human activity remains untouched by this phenomenon. Marketing is also one such area. Where once we had email, TV and Radio ads, today we have social networks, gamification and Hash Tag marketing, to name a few.

Somehow, I feel that in the race to find newer ways of marketing, the traditional methods, which are still useful, are being ignored. One of those methods is email marketing. An email is a much more customizable medium of communication than any social media post. On social media you have to stick to the communication format of the social media website that you are using. An email, on the other hand, can be designed according to your specifications. All you need is an effective email marketing tool.

Mailchimp is my favorite email marketing program. It’s packed full of useful features, allows you to completely build your email message from scratch and is completely free for the first 2000 subscribers you have. It’s definitely a vital component of any effective marketing strategy for the following reasons:

Targeted Audience – Any mailing list you have would be built using the contact details of people who actually signed up to your mailing list. They could be people who visited your store or even former customers who used your services. Point is they’re a lot more likely to be interested in your services than the broader audience that sees your posts on social media.

Customizable – As I said earlier, this is a very important feature of Mailchimp. There are a variety of beautiful templates that you can use. You and only you decide on how long or short the message will be. You decide what product examples and calls to action to include.

Twitter Integration – Mailchimp is well integrated with Twitter and allows your mail recipients to share your message with their Twiiter followers with a single click.

Comprehensible reports – Mailchimp gives you accurate and easy to understand information about your email marketing campaign. Stuff like how many people opened your mail, how many acted on it, how many unsubscribed etc. It really gives you a good insight on how to communicate better with potential clients.

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