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Your banking passwords could soon be replaced by your finger

A few years back, none of us were comfortable with fingerprint readers. The biometric technology wasn’t smart enough to impress the users back then. However with the emergence of smartphones, tablets and touch screen computers along with the advancement of the biometric technology, we are seeing a come back of fingerprint readers. In the coming days, the extent of their usage could go up to a level where they could replace our banking passwords.

Fingerprint passwords for bank accounts would not just make things easier but also a lot more safer for its users. Passwords can easily be guessed or hacked but fingerprints are unique and cannot copied. Also it gets a lot more convenient as you are no longer required to remember your passwords or change them periodically due to security issues.

American users are extremely concerned about privacy. Users did not trust having the biometric data in someone else’s hand. Thanks to fingerprints reader used by Apple Pay and other apps that have created a sense of confidence amongst its users for the technology. We see a lot of users using biometric technology through these applications.

Using the existing fingerprint scanners on smartphones and tablets, BarclayCard U.S. has launched a new mobile application that allows users to log into their bank accounts using their fingerprints. The bank hopes to see an increase in the mobile application usage through this application since a lot of users drop out as they don’t remember their passwords or they are hesitant is typing alpha-numeric passwords along with special characters on a tiny mobile keyboard. Password reset, forgot password, create password and all other hassles related to online passwords get eliminated.

Other technologies such as voice recognition, etc have also been tried in the past to replace passwords but all of them failed. The only technology that’s been successful so far is the biometric technology. Other banks are also on their way to develop their mobile applications using the biometric technology.

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