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Top 5 POS Systems


Every retailer needs a POS system. POS stands for Point of Sale and it refers to the final step, in the buying process i.e. the payment phase. In the old days retailers relied on bulky cash registers or manual labour for this final phase of the purchase process. However, modern POS systems are light, easy to install and require little or no training to understand and operate. Lets look at the a few of these systems-

Revel Systems – This particular system, operates on the iPad and is very easy to use for employees. It fits well with a wide range of retail businesses such as restaurants, bars, sporting goods stores, fashion stores etc. This system is particularly known for its security features which allow the business owner to create specific profiles for all employees. Employees are then only able to access data that is required for their functioning. It is a comprehensive system for retailers of different sizes. The downside of this system is that it only functions on iPads.

Square Register – This POS system functions on all tablets and mobile phones including the iPad and iPhone. It is currently becoming very popular amongst smaller retailers as it is reputed to be a cost effective POS solution. Its charges are low compared to many options in the market while being just as effective in receiving payments through all major credit cards. The disadvantage of this system is that it does not offer 24 hour customer support to its users and it also does not support windows platforms. A recommended solution for small retailers looking for a value proposition.

Light-speed Software – A POS system that functions on all Mac or iOS platforms. An effective system that can manage multiple stores, Lightspeed’s real strength is its simple and easy to use design. Minwarbchartingne . This allows for easier access to accounting data as well as inventory on the go. The mobile extensions allow the user to very easily access data from different locations.

Shopify – Along with being a platform for online businesses Shopify also offers brick and mortar retailers POS systems. It is a cost effective POS system that is specially designed for product retailers i.e. the same user base that utilises shopify as an online store platform. It is therefore, not suitable for bars and restaurants.

Vend POS – This is a POS system that is designed to run on any platform, be it mac, android or windows. A very versatile and easy to use system, Vend will easily integrate with whatever hardware you have as well as Shopify and Xero online Accounting. Recommended for people looking for a easy to install and use system.

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