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‘The key to team project success is a well coordinated and efficient team that utilizes synergy to maximise productivity and achieve project goals.’ Sound confusing? Well these are the kind of sentences you’d find in many business management books. In simple terms we could say that good project management is when there is open communication amongst the project team members and everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Achieving this state isn’t always easy but with the help of modern technology we can make team communication a lot faster and project management a lot easier. Here are a few online solutions for project management.

Bitrix24 – This is an excellent tool for project management with features like Gantt charts, progress tracking and workload management. It provides the user with all the features of project management software for free as long as the project team is limited to 12 people. Its disadvantage is that it is slightly pricey for any one attempting to upgrade to the higher version with more team members. A good option for cash strapped small teams.

Open Project – A project management tool with ample set of features, easy document sharing and user friendly interface. Open project is a flexible and effective tool for all kinds of teams.

Trello – This software is based on the acclaimed Japanese management technique Kanban cards. The software digitises Kanban cards, creating an intuitive and user friendly project management tool. Its simplicity is its strength but can also be a weakness as it does not allow for more complex detailing of the tasks.

2 plan – This particular tool is known for its expansive number of features. It includes Gantt charts, Animated progress graphs, detailed project instructions and a lot more. The complex features take a while to get used to and will require some training. Apart from that it is a great tool for businesses of all sizes as it is quite reasonably priced.

Asana – The highlight of this immensely popular software is that it was designed by Dustin Moskovitz, one of the co founders of Facebook. Needless to say it has the best design and is the probably the most user friendly project management software out there. It is also moderately priced for the benefit of smaller teams. The only downside is that it doesn’t pack in as many features as its competition and cannot be used offline.

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