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Open source ecommerce platforms on Ruby

Ruby on Rails is development tool that has been gaining a large following in recent years. The reason for that is that Ruby is considered a much faster development language and allows developers to switch between multiple projects with ease. Ruby on Rails also has good testing frameworks and is more economical to use as their libraries are open source. So what Ecommerce platforms are best suited for this framework? Let us take a look at a few of them-

Spree Commerce – The most popular Platform on Ruby is a easy to use and elegantly designed software. It ensures greater flexibility in managing your store and is a visual treat. It includes a wide variety of features including mail marketing and CRM tools.

Shoppe – Another Ruby platform that is easy to use and visually appealing. Although it is an elegant platform, it lacks the wide variety of features of Spree and is designed for moderate sized to small businesses.

PiggyBak – For a more economical option PiggyBak is a good ecommerce platform. It is free to download and use and so is very useful for stores on a budget. Being a Ruby platform, it maintains its visual appeal and user friendliness. Additional features are available through paid extensions.

Ror Ecommerce – This is a recently launched e commerce platform that is specifically designed for the small sized retailers. Ror ecommerce is a complete business solution for its customers and is completely free to use. The disadvantage of this system is that it is very new and the creators are still sorting out problem s with the system. However, the platform has potential and is being watched keenly by industry experts.

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