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iPhone versus Android

The age old question. Which is better? Android or IOS? Over 80% of the words smart phones run on Android while IOS only operates on Apple devices and has about 12% of the phone market. So, is there a big difference between the two? The answer is that there was a big difference but lately both IOS and Android have been copying features from one another and over the years have become a little similar.

For a long time Apple has been known to deliver high quality products that are reliable and less prone to errors and crashes as compared to other devices. The same is true today IOS is a more stable system as compared to Android. IOS is also more user friendly compared to Android. It is just much easier to get from one important widget to the next and access information that you need everyday easily. Not that Android is not easy to use; it just doesn’t have the same seamless and symmetric feel to it.

Android tends to focus on predicting the user’s needs through its Google Now feature. For e.g. Google now has the ability to alert you if you are near a product or a service (say a restaurant) that you researched before. It shows you things that might potentially interest you based on your online behavior. From game scores hot dog place, it’s got it all covered and this is just the beginning. Software like this will only be enhanced in the future and will probably be used for Google wear products. Android also has runs on all types of devices and is often cheaper to acquire than an IOS device. At the end of the day it is a much more flexible and cheaper alternative to IOS devices. That is the reason why it is more widespread and successful compared to Apple devices.

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