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How to synchronize Facebook calendar with google calendar

Most of us use Google Calendar to schedule all our important official and non official events. Since Google Calendar has the most user friendly interface, its the most preferred choice for all. Also some of us have a lot of events going on on Facebook too. We surely can’t copy all our Facebook events onto our Google Calendar. So here’s an easy way to synchronize your Facebook events to your Google Calendar.

Go to Facebook Events. Even if you’re slightly active on Facebook, you’ll see yourself tagged in a couple of events. On the bottom right of the page, you’ll see a link for Upcoming Events and Birthdays. Right click on either one of them and copy the link.

Now go to Google Calendar and on the left side of the page you’ll see the option “Other Calendars”. Click on the dropdown arrow button and select “Add by URL”. Paste the link you’d copied from Facebook. Once the process is complete, you’ll see all the Facebook events appear on your Google Calendar.

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