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How do you send a fax from a mobile phone. Top Fax apps


Fax maybe an old method of communication of the 90’s but it is still used by many professionals around the world. As a valid method of communication it needs to be integrated into our current way of functioning. There are many applications available today that do exactly that. Fax is now integrated with mobile digital devices. Let’s take a look at some of the applications that perform this task for us.

Ifax – Although the name might make it sound like an Ios exclusive, Ifax is actually a comprehensive fax app for Ios and Android. It is easy to use and compatible with many cloud storage programs.

Breezy Print and fax – A moderately priced solution for your faxing needs. Breezy works well but uses credits to send documents. So you have to spend money every time you need to send a document. Well integrated with clod storage.

Jot not Fax – This is a simplistic application that is easy to use but is limited to sending faxes. It does not receive faxes.

Tiff Fax Viewer – Another simple application that is easy to use. The core strength of this app is the ability to read a variety of different file formats. Files can be shared via other medium but not faxed.

Scan, Print, Fax Pro – As the name suggests this application allows you to capture documents via your phone camera and print or fax them. A very handy and convenient tool to share documents with any one using a fax machine.

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