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User Journeys and Wireframes

Designing and creating a highly functional UX requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. It is through this process that we get to know which elements to add and which ones to neglect. It is where our designers brainstorm with developers to find the best way to implement the most important functionalities and remove those that add no value. The documents discussed here are essential in the development process and will showcase to you every milestone and deliverable that we cover when developing your application or website.

User Journeys

A User Journey is a document that shows an end-to-end journey that a user makes on a website. It shows the areas that can be navigated whenever a user is at a certain point. User journeys can be created for various reasons, with the most important being the journey from landing on the website to accomplishing a particular goal. Built by Blank understands that every visitor that you get on your website is valuable and we do all it takes to provide a seamless experience throughout the navigation process. We create easy-to-understand documents indicating every step that the user takes complete with visuals to give you a clear understanding of the entire story.


A wireframe is a visual representation of the user interface that has been stripped of its branding and visual design elements. At Built by Blank, we like the websites and applications that we build for clients to meet their every need and provide an excellent user experience. Our UX designers use wireframes to define the hierarchy of the items on the website and communicate what is needed and the adjustments that can be made to better the user experience. It is the plan for the website, without which it would be difficult to add content.

Through wireframes, we open a wide range of opportunities to create a website that your visitors will love. Some of the reasons for using wireframes in our approach are:-

• As reference points for the functional requirements of the website
• Explore different ideas and implement changes whenever needed
• It is a prototype that indicates the level of user experience provided by the website
• Communicate the functionalities we intend to add to the website to the owners

We create wireframes after the creation of a user journey to explore the available possibilities of achieving a given functionality. Our developers are proficient at every stage of development and will create clear wireframes and user journeys to showcase the progress that we are making and the ease of using that particular website to achieve a specific function.

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