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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the very basis of any business’ operations. Mastering the SCM process will ensure that you company always has the goods and services it needs to stay in business. While a comprehensive SCM training or a good SCM manager could help you oversee your inventory management, only a company-wide software implementation will help put every employee into supply chain management hence improving on your overall performance.

At Built by Blank, we focus on providing custom SCM solutions that will give you greater insight into your inventory and give all your staff the opportunity to account for everything they do in a business day. Our strict adherence to quality ensures that your SCM solution leaves no loopholes and that everyone involved in the supply chain management is responsible for all their activities.

By staying synonymous with the rapidly changing software market, we remain relevant in delivering scalable and affordable solutions to both upcoming businesses and established SMEs. Our professional developers will either help you build a custom SCM system from the ground. We also have the right skills and exposure needed to help you choose the right free and paid SCM solutions on the market before helping you customize them to meet your business’ specific needs.

All businesses are different. The level of automation will vary from one organization to another. Incorporating your existing automation into the new SCM system will help you increase your overall performance. Apart from just offering custom software development services, we also do:

• API integration
• Off-the-shelf SaaS implementation and customization
• Web Hook manipulation and integration
• Automation software integration and harmonization

The goal is to ensure that each and every automation or software investment in your business contributes to the supply chain management. Our solutions help bring all the big data to the decision makers who influence the inventory flow without sidelining your warehouse officials who are actually in charge of dispensing the inventory.

With our comprehensive SCM software, you will have proper insight into,

• The product flow
• The information flow
• The finance flow

All this information will help you streamline your movement of goods/services, information and finds from your supplies department to the customer. You can choose either a planning applications or execution application depending on your needs. The planning application will help you make better decisions when servicing an order while the execution applications will just put you in charge of the supply chain.

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