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Influencer outreach is a key marketing strategy to expand your business’ reach through integration with SEO, social media, and content marketing. Unlike what many people think, finding the right influencer who will build beneficial relationships for your brand isn’t easy. You need a person who will help you increase awareness of your brand, visualize future trends, and exchange value with industry leaders.

Built by Blank offers a strategic approach to influencer outreach that will allow your business to benefit from the wide exposure. From finding the right influencer to interacting and arranging a process of converting them in to your social media advocates, we will do it all.

We use accurate influencer marketing tools to establish the key influencers who are relevant to your brand. We know that engaging influencers who operate outside the scope of your brand is a complete waste of time. Therefore, we do a comprehensive analysis to make sure that we find the right people with an audience that cares about your industry.

We always want influencers to have a personal connection with your brand rather than just a formal representation of social media and blogs. We get in touch with them, convey the relevance of the brand in the market and how they can help build it. Our digital marketing team will create clear goals that we will discuss with the influencer to let them know what we intend to achieve with this promotion. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Our work doesn’t just stop at giving the influencers something to talk about. We build a strategy that our team in conjunction with your team follows to know how and when to get in touch with the influencers. Most of the influencers are always busy, so we create a schedule for effective communication without distractions.

Influencer outreach is more effective when there exists trust between you and the influencer. We come in to make it easier to find the best influencer and develop an attachment between them and your brand. We know how valuable your business is and we will do everything possible to make sure it is promoted to the right audience and in the best way.

For influencer marketing to succeed, you need to also create compelling content for your site, have and interactive website with less friction, and have a useful product that is also unique. All this is essential to avoid creating a poor impression of your products or services to people who would have easily become your customers. Poor content also has a negative effect on clients. They will shun your website.

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