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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the art of making your website appear higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs.) Every search engine, for instance Yahoo, Google and Bing will always have primary search results. These results are a product of complex search algorithms that rank all the content on the internet with respect to its relevance to the general audience. A good rank will result into more impressions hence better organic traffic.

With most of the search engines altering their algorithms every now and then to ensure that they feature only the best websites, it is clear to see that SEO is one of the most dynamic and complex forms of market in the internet. You will need a highly skilled expert who understands all the currents norms and vices of SEO. It is two way. White-hat SEO will help you rank better. Black-hat SEO will eventually pull you down.

At Built by Blank, we pay attention in building the most transparent and acceptable SEO profiles to ensure that your ranking is as reputable as possible. We not only do what is in compliance with the latest search engine algorithm updates but also use our skill and common sense to anticipate future updates. The result? A SEO solution that will always stand the test of time.

On-page and Off-page SEO

SEO is divided into two. On-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO focuses on optimizing your own content and ensuring that it ranks well against that of your competitors. On-page SEO will involve:

• High quality content creation
• Keyword research
• Meta description and meta tag creation
• Design optimization
• Website speed optimization
• Eradicating duplicate content

While on-page SEO might sound simple, there are many details to look into and most people tend to overlook these. Our experience as a veteran SEO expert has drilled the procedure into our minds. Our search engine optimization will always pay attention to all the relevant on-page optimization factors.

Off-page optimization, on the other hand, focuses on convincing that your website is worth a better SERP rank by creating the right social and reputation signals. You will have to establish a strong social media campaign since social media is a powerful ranking signal and still throw in a good link building strategy.

Built by Blank not only has the skills but also the resources you need to build a natural profile that will raise your SERP ranks. We understand that the search engines want the most natural profiles and we will help you get up there without drawing that unnecessary attention.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the easier alternative to search engine optimization. Instead of beating our competitors with elaborate content and social media marketing campaigns, you focus on paying search engines to get featured results on the SERPs. At Built by Blank, we focus on helping you identify the perfect SEM platforms and keywords before helping you prepare and launch a campaign that actually converts. Since most of the search engines will let you bid on the ad spaces, it is up to us to help you identify the least competitive keywords that will still get you good impression and traffic.With the market getting increasingly competitive, SEO is becoming more and more expensive. Spending on SEO and sitting back to wait for the results might not be your cup of coffee. Combining robust SEO efforts with a well planned SEM campaign will ensure that you have all the traffic you need from the word go. We understand how much you desire to see immediate traffic and make conversions from the word go. That is why we focus on giving you the perfect balance of solutions to help you achieve your dreams in the most cost efficient way possible.

It all begins with keyword research

Since your SEM campaigns will feature in the search engine result pages, they all have to be keyword optimized. You will need a robust keyword research if you are to maximize on your search engine marketing campaigns. Our SEM experts will help you conduct a strong keyword research before coming up with a strong keyword management strategy that will work perfectly for your company.

At Built by Blank, we focus on:

• Comprehensive keyword research
• Matching keyword search volumes with market relevance
• Identifying the keyword intent (what the internet user really wants with that keyword)
• Identifying and avoiding negative keywords

There is more to search engine marketing than just coming up with a set of high volume keywords. Let our highly skilled team help you sift through the different keywords in search for the perfect results for your campaign. For instance, it is an established fact that most converting traffic uses long tail keywords.

You stand a better chance at converting someone who searches ‘best sketchpad for oil painting’ than converting someone who searches ‘best sketchpad.’

Get in touch now and tap into our years of SEM experience. Streamline all your marketing efforts and ensure that each impression, each click, each visitor steers towards greater success.

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