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The evolution of the smartphone, changing consumer preferences, advancements in smartphone OS versions, and the introduction of high-speed home broadband connections has completely transformed web and mobile development. According to a report from ComScore, 2015 marked the first time in history that the number of mobile devices connected to the internet overtook that of fixed connections. Although this was widely anticipated, it came earlier than expected.

The trend is expected to increase and by 2019, 8.2 billion hand-held devices will be connected to the internet. This revolution is influencing many companies to make a switch towards a strategy that puts mobile ahead of desktop users. To do this, you require the services of seasoned responsive web and mobile development experts who will design and create a creative website that is highly responsive on both mobile and desktop.

What is the difference between mobile web app and responsive web development?

The two terminologies, mobile web app and responsive web design, usually confuse businessowners. Which of these is appropriate in the modern world? Well, these two are completely different things, and a clear comparison is needed for you to comprehend what they imply.

Whenever most developers create awebsite, they tend to focus on the desktop and forget mobile devices. As expected, it becomes relatively easy to use the desktop version than the mobile version of the site. Mobile users will have to re-size the website or zoom in and out to read the texts. To counter this problem, developers create a mobile version of your site –a website that is specifically optimized for mobile devices and not desktops. Mobile web apps are a combination of the versatility of the web with the advancements and improved functionality of touch-enabled devices.

Responsive web design, on the other hand, is a methodology that advocates for the design and development of a website that responds based on the environment it is used. It takes into account the user behavior, screen size, and the operating system to render the best version of the website. It eliminates the need for resizing and scrolling sideways just to view the entire website on a small device.


Benefits of responsive web design


Responsive web design has been adapted by many big websites whose audience comes from devices of different sizes and screen resolutions. Before you think about making your website responsive, here are the benefits of owning one:

• One website renders across any screen size perfectly
• It has a single code base because it is one site that runs across all devices
• Significantly reduces maintenance costs
• Improves SEO since you’ll only optimize for one site hence better rankings
• Provides more control and flexibility because you only make changes from one centralized place.
Responsive web design is an emerging trend that has lots to offer in web and mobile development. If you need a website that is easy to maintain and is flexible enough to offer all your clients a seamless experience, then go for responsive mobile development.

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