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Better your niche’s competition with innovative and insightful research and analytics software that will give you all the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time. Good data analysis will always keep you at the top of the game. You will be better placed at making strategic decisions with respect to resource acquisition, production and marketing campaigns. At Built by Blank, we focus on creating seamless research and analytics solutions that will plug into your existing data and give you all the relevant business analytics in the most insightful way possible.

You will benefit from our simple desktop solutions if you are not interested of taking your system online. Our desktop solutions offer robust integration with your existing hardware and are perfect if your supply chain management makes use of a couple of sensors to feed data to the system. Our professional developers will help you create a web-based portal to support all your agents while they are out in the field through a web interface.

We understand that research and analytics data will only be useful if availed to the right people at the right time. Our solutions will not only give you access to the analytics reports via different platforms and portals but also ensure that:

• Research and analytics result into unparalleled clarity. Consistency and high quality research and analytics processes will give you insightful data that will help you and your team make the right decisions at impulse
• By giving you all the information you need to make key decisions, we infuse you with the confidence you need to capture your customer’s attentions. Customers love it when the supplier is sure of what he or she doing – especially if it is right. Our seamless integrations and solutions will give you all the facts and processes you need to gain this confidence.

Staying in touch with your market, target customers and all the factors affecting your niche is quite the task. Our intuitive software solutions seek to make things simpler by automating the process and letting algorithms take care of all the complex work. You no longer have to incur recurring expenses to hire data analysts or even subscribe to a SaaS. Our one-time solutions will integrate into the automation you already have in place and ensure that you get all the customized analytics you need to take your business to the next level.

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