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The Internet of Things is growing at a rapid rate, and it’s not difficult to explain why it is happening now. With the cost of technology such as networking chips, and sensors, among other technology required to connect things going down, more and more home owners are finding it inexpensive to purchase devices that help them connect their household items in a network. According to Acquity group, two-thirds of consumers will have connected technology in their homes by 2019.

At Built by Blank, we have closely followed developments in Internet of Things and our expert developers have undergone intensive training to create solutions that will automate your home and business. We have mastered working with IoT boards including Arduino, and Raspberry PI. We are also conversant with different platforms including Oracle IoT, Mnubo, Swarm, and Axeda. Whether you are looking for customized solutions to be developed from scratch or you need a developer to make use of the available resources to make some useful solutions from it, we can help.

IoT development allows for a wide range of development and customization options. The platforms we will adopt on your project and the devices we will use depend on the requirements of your business. Likewise, our team is always available to offer in-depth consultations where necessary to help you make your dream come true. We understand how revolutionary IoT is and would like to deploy it to your home or business within the shortest time possible. Even if we have time constraints imposed, our Built by Blank Internet of Things developers settle for nothing less than quality devices and applications.

Developing interoperable IoT solutions is a tough challenge. Whether we are dealing with sensors and actuators or developing field backend systems, there is a wide variety of end-to-end solutions that we can develop for the good of your business. In all our operations, we strive to maintain the highest quality of standards in things such as:

• Gateways and server interface development
• Device management protocols
• Device-to-device or device-to-server communications
• Network security

Built by Blank adopts open-source technology to power these devices to create an interoperable network that allows instant and precise communication with all the devices on the network. We understand that speed and accuracy is essential for your business and we will deliver solutions that address and fix these issues in the best possible way.

Our experienced developers are always available to discuss with you the possibilities of using IoT devices and platforms to automate your business by developing lightweight embedded devices that connect to highly scalable enterprise and web servers over wired and wireless networks. With our services, you can consider your business or home automated.


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