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Built by Blank is an industry leader in end to end e-commerce development with a sole purpose: to offer true solutions that will make our clients successful online. Consequently, our skilled team of experts specializes in a variety of proven solutions including e-commerce web design, web development, e-commerce consulting, internet marketing, analytics, and performance control. Each of the services we offer has been customized and fine-tuned to provide value to your business.

End to End E-commerce development is necessary to build a successful online shop, and it should be done by experts who understand the trade. When you need to better your existing e-commerce business, or you need a shop created from scratch, our reputable team has all the resources needed to put your business up and enhance your clients’ shopping experience.

E-commerce opens doors for your business to become a worldwide brand. Think of it as a way of diversifying your investment so that an economic recession in one country doesn’t have a massive effect on your business. It also gives you an opportunity to:

• Grow a global brand and reputation
• Avail your products to a wider market across the world
• Increase market penetration
• Expand your businesses revenue opportunities

We understand how difficult it is to run a successful e-commerce establishment, and that is why we have created custom end-to-end e-commerce solutions for our clients. Built by Blank helps business engage with consumers through a wide variety of ways while at the same time ensuring that the focus remains on your core business. We help remove the pressure from business owners and create strategic alliances that will benefit them throughout their operations. Our end-to-end e-commerce solutions include:

• Content management
• Online marketing
• Online store development
• Logistics and supply chain management
• Support and maintenance

We build websites for e-commerce stores from the back-end to the front-end while exercising proper management and organization. Every part of the online business has a special function that we help business owners realize and take advantage of. We make it easy for clients to add stock, account for sales, analyze their customer’s needs, and know which products clients would love included on the website.

At Built by Blank, we know that business is built on tiers where every part has a designated duty. Therefore, we create websites with powerful back-ends that restrict access to certain functions to unauthorized members of the staff. Using this Role Based Access Control mechanism allows business owners to retain valuable information regarding their clients. With our end-to-end ecommerce development, shopping either on the desktop or smartphone will be an experience that your customers would love to be part of again and again.


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