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Brick and Mortar Retail Technology

In recent times, there has been a significant shift brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping. Almost all big retail chains have an online shop that also plays a big role in revenue generation. Despite all these changes, brick-and-mortar stores won’t be forfeiting their position as the most dominant revenue-generating channels for retailers as they only contribute to less than 10% of the total revenue shopping stores in developing countries get.

There are multiple benefits that come with online shopping. However, consumers also need to have that feel that they are involved in choosing the product. They want to be able to tell whether a product is of good quality by feeling it and in case of clothes, by trying them on. This creates a need to integrate digital components to the brick-and-mortar stores to make shopping easier and improve the overall service delivery.

Digital technologies to enhance user experience in brick and mortar stores
At Built by Blank, we comprehend the value of brick-and-mortar stores and take it upon us to better these experiences. Consequently, we have developed a wide range of applications and tools to bring digital aspects to brick-and-mortar stores while enhancing customer experience. Some of the technologies we provide are described below:


We create applications to integrate with POS technologies for better management of inventory. Our systems also enable you to serve your customers better and faster and have a smooth learning curve. Customization is one of the fundamental points of our business and we strive to design systems specifically for your business.

Omni Channel Technology

Need a better way to understand your customers shopping trends? Built by Blank provides top-notch Omni Channel Technology to give your consumers a sense of belonging and document their previous purchases, both online and offline. We create desktop applications to enable your customers view your inventory complete with all the descriptions and specifications. Customers can either use the desktop applications or switch to mobile devices to purchase the items. We also integrate QR codes in stores that clients may use to shop at any given point.


It is important for store owners to have control over the flow of inventory. You need to know the time of the day, the week, month, or even time of the year when you make the most sales. Built by Blank provides an incisive approach in brick-and-mortar store analytics by creating precise software that capture consumer data and help you make conclusions with it. You can then improve the shopping experience, and know which products should be available at what time. This is a step forward in your bid to improve sales by a huge margin.
The entry of technology in brick-and-mortar stores had been widely anticipated and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. With Built by Blank experts working with your, expect your store to reach new heights in customer experience and sales improvement.

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