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API Integration and SAAS installations

With more and more business moving online, the proliferation of online-based solution geared towards streamlining business operations are inevitable. Entrepreneurs and strategic managers are ever seeking for software solutions that won’t force them to purchase and install power computer infrastructure. This new choice to move automation to the cloud with API integrations and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions seems to be the best approach to automation.

With SaaS installation and SaaS installations spanning a huge range of applications. From human resource manage and customer relation management to procurement and accounting solutions, you’ll want to work with the best integration experts to ensure that you get seamless operations and boost your business’ overall performance.

Security sensitive solutions

At Built by Blank, we understand that security and efficiency is your biggest priority when dealing with sensitive customer and operations data. We share your desire to keep all your data and operations under close scrutiny and comprehend your fears in transmitting your critical data over the web. Our API integration and SaaS installation skills will not only ensure that we give you robust and secure systems but also advise you on the best platforms to use for each solution you have in mind.

Merging new solutions with your existing infrastructure

Our solutions will help you mold your existing automation infrastructure to new API and SaaS whilst paying attention to any reusable models that will keep the integration costs as low as possible without compromising on performance and quality. Our purpose is to build on your existing automation whenever possible and let you benefit from the compatibility and keep production at the peak as you won’t have to spend time transferring data or training your staff in the new platform operation.

Software-to-Software communications

With our professional API integration skills, you can count on us to extend the capabilities of any SaaS you purchase. Our innovative solutions will help you combine multiple solutions and software to automate both basic and complex business verticals in a wide range of niches like inventory management, travel, social media, assent tracking, customer or employee relations and financial record management. Our goal is to help you automate as much as you can to help you bolster your operational throughput and quality.

Our highly skilled technicians are conversant with:

• Integration with online advertisement and analytics platforms like Google AdWords and analytics
• SaaS application setup on platforms like and Quickbooks solutions
• Google (maps, charts and search) and social media APIintegration
• Shipping API integration for portals like FedEx and UPS
• SMS gateway integration
• Payment gateway implementation for payment clients like DirectDebit and PayPal

At Built by Blank, we understand our responsibility in helping you deploy the best SaaS and API integration solutions. We take pride in our ability to uphold high development standards and are confident that we will help you achieve and even surpass your API integration and SaaS installations goals.

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