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Does your business want to acquire existing software from another party through a contract? At Built by Blank, we help business that have limited resources by creating a proper acquisition strategy to see them acquire a software they require or by augmenting their development staff to create more powerful products using the latest software development technologies.

Built by Blanks’ software acquisition strategy will help your business gain access to a wide variety of resources globally at any time of the day or night. If you want to target new markets, we can help you to take advantage of the existing infrastructure to grow your business and widen the range of services provided. Additionally, you’ll get to leverage economic resources in order to perform a given activity in a lively manner.

We understand that monitoring the performance of your business while using resources that are covered under a contract is not always easy. This is why our company focuses on creating a comprehensive acquisition strategy complete with deliverables to ensure you take advantage of the available resources and also get the desired results. We also help our clients to mitigate risks that are associated with acquisition of technical products and integrating them into your normal operations.

If you are new to acquisition strategy, our highly qualified team will ease you into the process by educating you about the integral aspects and what to expect from the process. If you are to adopt different software from either the same company or different companies, we shall help you create individual acquisition strategies, each with a proper monitoring and regular reports on performance. We deliver accurate analytics and analyze the strategy to determine whether it works as expected and if not, we advise you on the ways your business can maximize on the resources to make the strategy successful.

Built by Blank has been creating acquisition strategies for many reputable clients, We have helped clients with few or no developers to get essential software to power their business and at affordable prices. Our acquisition strategies address the following issues:

• How to choose contract types, contract options, and the funding alternatives
• Processes for establishing an approach to obtain final acquisition approval
• Determining whether a Request For Information is needed to narrow down the list of providers
• Establishing the correct process for getting the acquisition approved
• Creating provisions to enhance flexibility

Built by Blank eliminates the need to create multiple acquisition strategy teams and instead get clear reports and suggestions from seasoned experts.


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