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Creating your own Shopify Theme


The appearance of an online store is probably the most crucial element that will determine the success of the store. The beauty and user friendliness of a site gives credibility to the store and encourages users to explore and potentially purchase a product. An unappealing website, on the other hand, is an instant turnoff. Shopify offers a large range of themes that a user can use on their website. Some of these themes are simple and free to use for Shopify customers. The more complex one will cost you. So how do you choose your Shopify theme? A few things need to be kept in mind.

The first is the first page. What exactly do you want a user to see on the home page the second he arrives at your site? The answer to this question is different for different kinds of businesses. For example a fashion store or a sporting goods store would probably want to display its products on the first page itself. A Bar or a restaurant may not want that. They may instead prefer to showcase a part of their outlet. A vintage store selling antique gramophones would perhaps prefer to show an image associated with antiquity as they are selling an experience of antiquity as well as a product.

The navigation methods of the site are also important. A site with a lot of products needs a navigation tool that divides the products into different sub categories and makes it easy to go through and understand. A site selling custom designed fashion headwear would probably just need a simple navigation tool for the designer’s introduction and contact details.

The colour scheme of the site needs to be appropriately appealing and should gel well with the content of the site. The layout should always be easy to understand. Last but not least, remember that a website theme is not something you can change frequently. Be sure of the option you pick out for your site because once it is seen by the user it will leave a lasting impression about your store in their mind.

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