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Can we imagine a day without data? I guess not!

Can we really imagine a day without the internet? I guess not! We are so addicted to the internet in our own different ways that we just cannot survive without it. The emergence of smartphones has increased our dependencies on the internet to the next level. Applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Gmail, etc. are being used so extensively that they’re becoming a threat to mobile operators across the globe. Inspite of increasing their data traffic, the levels at which voice calls and SMSs are coming down is really alarming.

Now let’s assume the world doesn’t have the internet for one full day. Here is what all would happen in that case:


1.75 billion smartphone users would not be able to use their smartphone.

182 billion emails would not be received or sent.

4.9 million users would not be able to spend 2 billion minutes on IMs and video calls

Social Media

500 million Tweets would not be shared.

864 million Facebook users would not be able to spend an average of 39 minutes on Facebook.

4.75 billion Facebook posts would not be shared.

700 million photos would not be shared on Instagram.

10 billion Facebook messages would not be sent.


2 billion USD would be lost by retailers in terms of sales.


58 million UPS tracking information requests will not be submitted.

50 million Fedex tracking information requests will not be submitted.

4 million locations of iPhone shipments ordered will not be known.


16,320,000 cars will not be able to use GPS navigation systems.

87000 Flights will not be able to use Air Traffic Control.

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