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Best productivity tools for 2014


The internet is full of applications, extensions and other soft wares designed to make our day easier. Most of this software is in good demand because of the large number of different tasks we need to perform. This is especially true for people working in technology driven start-ups. There is so much going on that it’s easy to forget and miss something out. So we’d gladly use any tool that helps us organize our efforts better and facilitate communication. Here are some useful productivity tools that are quite popular:

Google Drive – The most known cloud storage application out there. You can use this to not just share all kinds of files with team members but also share it with other people, outside your company as well. It’s a complete cloud solutions it lets you open the files and work on them through cloud based applications.

Asana – Every business has ongoing projects and needs a project management software. There is no better alternative for this than Asana. Admittedly it is not as feature rich as many other project management softwares in the market. However it is the most elegantly designed and easy to use software in the market and that is the most important factor. In my opinion the core function of project management software is to make your functioning easier, not more complex. They have no other unique function as there are plenty of other ways you can communicate with your team; emails, shared files on cloud storage were all available before project management. What project management software did was make the job a lot easier and nobody does that better than Asana.

Evernote – Asana is great for managing team projects but what about your own personal tasks. You may be a part of many different project teams and have many different things to worry about. You need a tool that lets you note down any thing and every thing that you need to remind yourself of the tasks to perform. Like a notebook that allows you to store not just text but files of all denominations and also allows you to group, tag or share the content in any manner you please. Evernote is the perfect application for these needs. It has an amazing level of flexibility and allows you to keep track of the massive bits of information you need each day.

Pomodoro – This is a time management technique developed in 1980’s. It asks the user to break up the work to be completed into separate tasks. Each of these tasks should be completed in a time period of 25 minutes (one pomodoro). A break of five minutes should be taken between each task/pomodoro. After completion of four popmodoros a break of fifteen minutes can be taken. This type of work technique is very beneficial for enhancing concentration and improving productivity.

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